The CJ1 courtroom is located inside of the Men’s Central Jail Complex, see below for the full address. The Sheriff Department mission statement of providing secure and safe facilities for those that are entrusted to their care is the cornerstone of their services. The staff working at the Orange County men’s jails are committed to delivering services with integrity and a high level of character. For emergencies or immediate information on an inmate, you may be able to obtain the information online at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Website by entering the inmate’s name and information.

The Department CJ1 of Orange County Men’s Jail is located at:

Building 50
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Community Court Services (657) 622-8459

The central men’s and women’s jail originally opened in 1968 and serve as a dormitory and cell block facilities for pretrial maximum-security inmates as well as sentenced maximum-security inmates. The central women’s jail houses up to 380 inmates whereas the central men’s jail houses up to 1433 inmates. Inmates have access to local newspapers, television, commissary purchases, mail, outdoor recreation and special programs. Furthermore, they are provided mental health, dental and medical care. Vocational, religious and educational programs are also offered.

Public visiting is available at this jail from Friday through Sunday of each week and sentenced inmates could be required to work in a facility kitchen or on labor cruise. Eligible inmates may also be able to qualify for the electronic monitoring program or the community work program. The central men’s jails is home to “CJ 1” which is a dedicated courtroom for arraignments. This is a partnership managed by the office of the public defender, the District Attorney’s office, and the Sheriff’s Department. Criminal charges that require you to be arraigned here should prompt you to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.