CACI Hearing Lawyers for Orange County

If you have ever been accused falsely of neglecting or abusing your child, you may find your name listed on this Child Abuse Central Index. This is organized and managed by the California Department of Justice. The DOJ, however, does not have the discretion to determine which people’s names should be removed from the list, or which people’s names will go on the list. The Health and Human Services Agency in California, determines whether or not a person’s name is listed on the CACI. Having you name listed on here can be extremely problematic for your future.

If you received a notice in the mail notifying that your name will be added to this list, or if you found that your name was placed on it many years ago, you should exercise your rights to a grievance hearing with the help of a Orange County criminal defense attorney. The purpose of such a hearing is to argue the county’s decision to ultimately place your name on the list. You have a strong purpose as well as a right to be represented by a knowledgeable lawyer at the hearing.

Disputes and CACI Hearings

There are a few primary reasons that you might want to dispute your name being included on the CACI. First of all, the county may not have appropriately applied the law to the facts in your case, leaving you to deal with the consequences of being put on this list. The second reason to dispute your listing on the CACI in California, is that the county has the facts wrong. The third reason is that there may be other mitigating or external issues that the county didn’t consider but which may ultimately support your exclusion from this list.

In order to succeed with your hearing, the defense and presentation of your case needs to be persuasive and should be managed by a Orange County criminal defense attorney. Evidence that bolsters your argument will need to be gathered sooner rather than later. You must also consider which types of evidence could be used to attack the county’s case. You could be eligible to allow witnesses to testify at your hearing and present various forms of evidence, such as photographs, letters, recordings and similar materials. You need a Orange County criminal defense attorney who will take your case just as seriously as you do, and work as hard as possible to create a strategy that is designed for your individual case.

Removal and CACI Hearings

Removing an existing entry on the CACI is extremely important because it could prevent you from adopting a child, finding employment, being approved as a foster parent and more. You have meaningful motivations to put everything possible into developing a comprehensive strategy to get your name off the CACI and you need a lawyer who has helped many other people navigate this situation to successfully protect and represent themselves into the future. Do not wait to learn more about how to get your name off the CACI and the steps that you must take to protect and empower yourself if you find yourself accused of neglecting or abusing your child.