Juvenile Defense Lawyer for Orange County

The juvenile courts in California and those in Orange County, are intended to protect youth. However, these courts have a tremendous amount of power and discretion and this is why it is important that you have an aggressive and dynamic criminal defense attorney if your child has been accused of committing an offense anywhere in California.

When a minor is charged with an offense, the first stage is for the juvenile delinquency court to hear the case. Many of these cases include misdemeanor, status or felony offenses. Status offenses are the least serious and include things such as truancy or curfew violations. However, a child who is accused of any level or type of offense has the right to an attorney, and it is strongly recommended that you as the parent take their case seriously and obtain a Orange County criminal defense attorney. Scheduling an initial consultation can provide better perspective about the key issues and allegations in the case so that you can prepare accordingly. Putting together a plan for defense early is a crucial step for protecting a minor.

Juvenile Court Guilty Verdicts

Finding guilt in juvenile court can lead to distinct penalties and long-term consequences. Many people fall under the myth and misconception that a juvenile delinquency proceeding is not as serious as an adult case, and therefore will not get the necessary help to protect their loved one. Even a juvenile court disposition can have adverse impacts on future military, job and educational opportunities for a young adult. These are typically private matters, but the consequences can follow the youth for many years to come. You need a Riverside juvenile defense attorney who has a track record as a skilled counselor and solid advocate in juvenile delinquency proceedings.

Rehabilitation for Juvenile Defendants

The juvenile system is geared to give many juvenile offenders an appropriate chance for rehabilitation. A criminal defender with extensive experience can give you a significant advantage when it comes to protecting your child, since your child’s life is just beginning, the blight of a serious charge like this can be problematic for your entire family, but particularly if your child was intending to get a job or pursue educational opportunities after graduating from high school.

The stakes are much higher in these cases and therefore you need a lawyer who understands the value of protecting your loved one’s rights going forward and doing everything in his or her power to give you the peace of mind that you have a strong and skilled advocate on your side. Do not wait to get help from a Orange County criminal defense attorney who has a background in helping with juvenile defense issues.

Any juvenile matter, even one that you assume is minor and may not affect your child’s future, involves high stakes. Being able to take that situation seriously and retaining an attorney who understands the landscape is the only way for you to protect your interests and move forward. No one should have to worry about whether or not a child’s future is hanging in the balance without the guidance provided by an experienced and caring lawyer.