Am I Automatically Going to Jail for First Time California Gun Charges?...
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Am I Automatically Going to Jail for First Time California Gun Charges?

Posted on : April 25, 2019
Attorney for Gun Charges in California

Gun Charges In California

Weapons charges can be some of the most frustrating to receive, but it is no less important to retain a criminal defense attorney. You need a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the gun and weapon charges on the books today and the possible penalties for you.

Basics About Criminal Defense Charges

The primary purpose of most California criminal laws is to keep first-time non-violent offenders out of jail. However, a violation of California’s gun laws could still lead to jail time even if this is your first time with a gun possession charge. You need an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney immediately.

What Are the Weapons Charges in CA?

You need a license to buy a gun, but not to own one. This means that if you move from another state or someone gifts you a gun, you may be able to continue maintaining ownership of that gun without getting a license. However, when the gun is removed outside the home, it is the possibility that other criminal charges could apply.

Anyone who has been convicted of certain other crimes is not permitted to own a gun. This means that even if you are arrested for a first time weapons charge, you could still be classified as a felon in possession if you previously committed certain listed crimes, any felony or a drug crime. Furthermore, if you have previously been categorized as an active participant in a criminal street gang, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon.

The crime against gun possession in California that most people are facing charges for is carrying a concealed gun. The gun must be on your person, in a vehicle and concealed. There are different penalties that apply in varying situations but jail time is a possible punishment for all of them. If you are concerned about facing criminal charges for these types of gun allegations, you need to exercise your rights to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Since weapons charges can affect your future, protect your rights by getting a consultation today.