What You Need to Know About Assault & Battery Laws in California...
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What You Need to Know About Assault & Battery Laws in California

Posted on : January 19, 2018
if accused of a crime, you need a lawyer

Have you recently been accused of assault or battery in California?

If so, it is pertinent that you schedule a consultation directly with a criminal defense attorney who can help you figure out the most appropriate strategy to protect yourself for years to come. For many people, the terms battery and assault can be confusing from the perspective of criminal defense.

You may be found guilty under California penal code 242 even if you did not directly cause the victim injury or pain of any kind. All that matters for this to be a classification of battery is that you touched a person in an offensive way. In the event that a battery does lead to serious injuries for the victim, then you could be facing criminal charges of battery causing serious bodily injury.

Many people often confuse the terms battery and assault. Assault is defined as an attempt to use violence or force on someone else, but battery refers to the actual use of violence or force on another person.

When another person alleges that you have assaulted them or committed battery, you need to take the situation seriously even if you believe it’s being blown out of proportion. This is because criminal charges may follow and you need to be prepared for how to fight back when you’ve been accused of such a crime. Small nuances can make a big difference in your legal case.

Identify Your Options For Protecting Yourself

There are numerous different examples that could lead to battery or assault charges in California and the severity of the situation should prompt you to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to identify your options for protecting yourself. If you wait too long to get help or attempt to represent yourself in a criminal defense proceeding, you could make mistakes that could cost you your freedom or your future. Having a criminal record could prove problematic if you intend to find employment or housing opportunities in the future and therefore, you need to take any allegations of battery or assault in California very seriously by retaining a lawyer who has extensive experience representing those who have been accused.