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What Are Public Nuisance Allegations in California?

Posted on : August 14, 2018

Have you recently been accused of a public nuisance crime and are not sure how to proceed to protect yourself? Public nuisance crimes are often ignored by people who are facing charges because the person who has been accused of violating these laws in Orange County might assume that they do not have significant consequences.

However, it is still important to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney if accused of public nuisance allegations. While being a bad neighbor is not a crime in and of itself, there are plenty of different circumstances when a neighbor could accuse you of egregious behavior that generates a public nuisance.

A prosecutor has the responsibility of proving with public nuisance crime that the defendant committed or maintained a public nuisance or that the defendant willfully omitted to perform a legal duty associated with the removal of a public nuisance. Related offenses associated with a public nuisance allegation are operating a drug house or disturbing the peace, each of which can come with their own criminal consequences. A public nuisance is something that must be allowed to continue or maintained over an extended period of time.

It might not seem like a public nuisance charge is that serious, or even worthy of hiring a lawyer for, but if you want to keep your record clean and ideally keep this issue out of the court’s public record, your attorney could try to resolve it.

A one-time wild event at a house that required the police to show up on the scene would usually not expose the tenant or homeowner to criminal liability under public nuisance statutes. But extensive problems stretching out over a long period of time could If you believe that a neighbor or someone else has accused you of public nuisance violations and you need the support of an attorney, you need to get legal help sooner rather than later to protect your rights and to ensure that you have evaluated all possible defenses to these claims.