What Defenses Are Available in a Sex Crime Case?...
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What Defenses Are Available in a Sex Crime Case?

Posted on : January 25, 2019
Attorney For Sex Charges In Orange County, CA

Sexual Charge Defenses

Being accused of a sex crime is enough to cause you to question the best way to protect yourself and being accused of a sex crime in California means you need immediate assistance from an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Only a lawyer can evaluate the facts of the case and determine the strength of the alleged evidence against you.

Without the support of your attorney, it will be difficult to figure out a plan to protect your best interests and to ensure that you have everything you need going forward. Many different types of defenses might be available in your case depending on the facts of your situation. These include that:

  • You are currently the victim of a false accusation of a sex crime.
  • No sexual contact occurred as was alleged in the charge.
  • There is insufficient evidence to illustrate that you are guilty of a sex crime.
  • The sex itself was consensual
  • You had a reasonable belief that the accuser consented to the sexual act in question.
  • Cases of mistaken identity.

    A free consultation with an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney is vital if you have already been accused of a sex crime. An Orange County sex crime defense lawyer is a person who will understand the ins and outs of the legal system and will do everything possible to protect you, your freedom and your reputation during this challenging time.

If someone has wrongfully accused you, this could lead to damage that follows you for many years. You can’t afford to have these errors destroy your life- get help from someone who will fight for you.

No one should have to go through the difficult situation of trying to figure out their next steps and worrying about the case against them. You deserve an attorney who will not give up in fighting for your rights when there is so much on the line. Schedule a consultation today.